The Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee

The Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee
At the request of Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine, to strengthen cybersecurity in the state, the Ohio National Guard has brought together more than 200 representatives from public, private, military and educational organizations to form the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3). The OC3 mission is to provide a collaborative environment to develop a stronger cybersecurity infrastructure and workforce.

One of the committee’s initiatives is the creation of the Ohio Cyber Range — a virtual environment used for cybersecurity training and technology development.

“Ohio is a leader in the innovative approach to creating a center of cyber excellence and innovation,” said Maj. Gen. John C. Harris Jr., Ohio adjutant general. “The Ohio Cyber Range is providing a virtual environment where we can hold competitions and training for students from kindergarten to college. It will also provide a space for our schools, governments, and businesses to test cybersecurity infrastructure and software.”

OC3 members include representatives from the education, government, and the business community to develop cybersecurity curriculum.

“As a state, we have to ensure that our citizens are well-prepared to excel in the cybersecurity jobs of tomorrow to combat the increasing volume and complexity of cyber threats. Ohio’s educational providers at all levels recognize this critical workforce reality and are collaborating on a number of innovative cyber education pathways to increase the pipeline of students who are pursuing certificates and degrees in this emerging career field,” according to Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner.