The Ohio Cyber Reserve

Bringing the Talent to the Fight


The Need for a Cyber Reserve

1. Ohio’s cyber experts are understaffed and over missioned

  • DAS
  • ONG


2. Small governmental entities do not have the resources or expertise to deal with cyber threats

Entities need help with assessments and best practices, as well as assistance when a cyber event occurs

Townships, villages, small cities, smaller counties, and eligible nonprofits

First responders, city services and utilities, Boards of Elections, public data

3. Critical infrastructure needs more protection, especially smaller utilities and emergency services

K-12 educators are typically not cyber security experts

They need help setting up cyber programs and cyber clubs with in Ohio’s high schools and junior high schools

Students need mentors who can inspire them and show them the pathways to a cyber career

5. Ohio needs a way to tap into the wealth of cyber talent that exists throughout the state and connect that talent to the
needs of Ohio, but in a way that is sustainable from a budget perspective


The Ohio Plan

  1. Create a volunteer firefighter style Cyber Reserve made up of trained civilians nested under the Adjutant General’s


2. Legislatively modeled after the Ohio Military Reserve ORC Chapter 5920

3. The Adjutant General’s Department will develop appropriate policies to support and regulate the teams

  • Will be volunteer civilians subject to state call up in a cyber emergency to support the Ohio National Guard’s cyberresponse efforts
  • While in training status, volunteers will not be paid, but when activated will be paid as state civilian employees
  • Volunteers will be vetted with appropriate background checks, training requirements
  • Volunteers will be organized into regionally based teams
  • The teams will be provided training, equipment and IDs and will work out of ONG armories
  • When fully trained and certified will be available for call up to assist in cyber response
  • Volunteers who are not fully trained, but who have been vetted can be used to support student mentoring efforts under the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3)


What Will They Do?

1. While in a training status, the Cyber Response Teams will hone their skills, train as teams, and obtain all necessary
certifications and clearances.

2. While in a training status, the Cyber Response Teams will provide outreach, training, education, and security
assessments to eligible governmental entities and critical infrastructure to reduce cyber vulnerability and increase

3. While in a training status, the Cyber Response Teams will assist K-12 educational efforts supporting cyber clubs and
mentoring students in support of the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee’s (OC3) Education and Workforce
Development efforts.

4. When called to state active duty status, the Cyber Response Teams, under the direction of the Adjutant General’s
Department will be available to respond to cyber incidents at eligible governmental entities and critical infrastructure.


Want to be a member?

Register for an account @

Navigate to the link below and register. Volunteer Registration Site:

This site will have all of the information of prerequisites, ideal candidates, etc.

For more information contact:

Mark Bell

Cyber Security Outreach Coordinator

State of Ohio Adjutant General's Department

2825 West Dublin Granville Road

Columbus, Ohio 43235-2789

Office 614-336-4903